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When is Yeshua coming back?


I asked Abba this question and got two immediate answers to the question.  The first was that people would be saying, ‘Where is the promise of his coming?”, and the other was, “Will Adonai find faith when he comes again?”

You see, I was asking if Yeshua was ever coming back, as I was feeling as if no progress to his return was being made.

We have had a lot of change in how the Word of G-d goes out, but so much of what is happening because of the Word being preached worldwide is not talked about.  I think it is because it shows how little of G-d we have in the West, and how much our news is slanted to those things that are flashy, confrontative, and ungodly.

We have evil things and ideas mixing within our Western Churches in the highly developed nations.  Praise and the enjoyment of Praise are more important than prayer, and more important than a message that strikes the heart with fear that we are not doing love in a way that Yeshua would recognize.  All ways to reach G-d are being celebrated, because G-d loves us, and understands where we are coming from…right?  It doesn’t seem to matter in the Western Nations that Yeshua said that the only way to G-d was through him.  That sort of thing is unloving, and unfair, and discriminatory.

The idea that homosexuality is considered by G-d to be an abomination also is unloving, unfair and discriminatory, and so gay men and lesbian women are being ordained in many a church, and marriages between same sex couples celebrated without a blink at how strange this would be to a church 50 years ago, much less to Yeshua.

And worshiping other gods?  Well, names that are well known in religions outside of the worship of YHVH, even that of Lucifer, and Astoreth and Kali are being preached from the same pulpits in the churches that have praise rather than prayer and psychologically appropriate readings as opposed to sound teaching from the one book that matters.  But I daresay I should not say so…I might be criticizing someone else’s favorite book, and thus being unkind, unloving, unfair and discriminatory.

That shows that very few people in the Western developed nations will be in faith when Yeshua returns…they are far more likely to be worshipping idols, and enjoying great concerts at their churches.  Of course, they will not be hearing anything that Yeshua has said, or the Prophets before him or what is in the Torah that was given by YHVH

And I suppose they will begin to ask as well, “Where is the promise of his coming, because he isn’t here!”

That and the diminishing amount of faith in the Western developed nations means that Yeshua must be a lot closer to coming that I would ever have guessed…had I not asked Abba what was going on.

There will be fewer and fewer Believers in the Western developed nations, but in less developed nations of the east, and north and south, news of Yeshua is running like wildfire.  And the Jews in Israel are finding Yeshua to be their Mashiach in greatly increasing numbers, while the persecution of their efforts to reach more people in Israel is being condemned, and legislated against, while death threats are made by Rabbinical Jews against Messianic Jews who preach the Gospel to anyone who will hear them.

And thus, the people in developed nations are being led away from Yeshua, and those who wish to find him are dissuaded, and punished, and even killed.

I asked G-d, “Where is the promise of his coming?”  I was frustrated, and tired of all that is being done in the world.  He asked me if there will be faith when Yeshua returns…in the world…in me.

Look and see.  Yeshua will come when it is time…when the last person known by G-d to be open to Yeshua has repented, and come to a saving knowledge of Yeshua.  There are still people who can be reached by those who love Yeshua and talk of him to others, so Yeshua will probably not come today.  Good…it gives us time to reach others.

Will Yeshua come next week?  Perhaps not.  Next year?  I would like that, but there are prophecies outstanding that are to happen before Yeshua comes.

Within the next decade?  That is entirely possible…I hope it is not probablematical, even though I have no taste for G-d’s punishment landing on anyone.  The sand is slipping through the hourglass, and although YHVH Tsava’ot is very patient, and does not think as we do, nor count time and effort and pain in the ways that we are accustomed to considering, his patience with those who seek evil will run out.

Look up, the end is approaching, and our Redemption does draw nigh.  The hour is late, and  ‘the night will soon be here when no one can work.’  John 9:4 (NJB)


Can We Talk About Sex?

Yes, why not…everyone else does, and no one is much saying what the Scriptures say about sex.  It apparently is too delicate a subject for many Believers to discuss, or it may simply make them uncomfortable to be open about what is obviously a problem for every human being.

G-d is in favor of sex.  He is in favor of human sexuality to the point that he reminds me to remind you that he invented it.  G-d, however, also invented how and why human sexuality was to be enjoyed.

Humans are not animals and cannot ‘hookup’ in an emotionally healthy way with multiple, casual partners with the careless abandon of a wild stallion, or a feline in heat.   Humans are not animals, and our souls do bond in a way designed by G-d to make a permanent social linkage in a man and woman for the safety and preservation of the young who would be brought into the world as a natural consequence of ‘knowing’ another human being.  It is only now that the young are being casually aborted just as easily as people once threw newborns into the fires of Molech that sex is more common between strangers than a hand shake.

It is true that the purveyors of digital content have slowly desensitized the Western world to casual, open sexuality of the most debased kinds, and it is what is being pushed as the most fun thing to do with your time and attention, regardless of the negative effect it is having on people.  I remember free and easy sexual conduct or representation of sexual content being called pornea once, but only if you studied Greek, and then only in a negative way.  Apparently the West is now a replica of Pagan Rome during the time of the Caesars, and is just as debauched, while pornea is served up with your breakfast commercials and news shows.

The Greek words “pornea” (often translated “fornication”) and “akatharsia” (often translated “uncleanness”) or the Hebrew words  “na’ayuf ” and “tum’ah”  for the same definitions in English are not popular these days, any more than their definitions are, because people do not want to speak of sexual activity of any kind as being negative.  But sexual behavior in the current age is a battlefield full of land mines, and the way through the landscape needs to be taught carefully and clearly.

No one in the Western world is supposed to be opposed to anything that someone else does sexually if it is privately done and not against civil law in America, but at the date of this writing everything including sexual congress with young children is being approved of in some circles, and of course, with non-heterosexual actions being not only approved of, but mandated in America regardless of age concerns, there are some rules to be laid down for those people that are disciples of Yeshua.

Those who follow Yeshua, and worship YHVH do not partake of any but heterosexual relations within a marital relationship of one man and one woman.  If you are doing otherwise, you are not walking in the straight and narrow path.  And while there are those who wish to walk in the broad and winding way of the world, that open highway is not for Believers in YHVH.

Sexual activity outside of this narrow definition is to be avoided if you wish to please YHVH, and to maintain a loving walk as a disciple of Yeshua.  It doesn’t matter how you parse the text in any translation of the Scriptures…fornication means sexual congress outside of marriage; and uncleanness, when used in a way not denoting ritual purity, also means sexual congress outside of marriage.  If you are married, sexual congress is approved of, and to be thoroughly enjoyed as frequently as it is convenient to you both, for progeny and for pleasure and closeness.

That narrow definition of approved, heterosexual marital relations excludes everything else sexual, in thought or in deed, so you will need to avoid movies with sexual scenes in them; songs that contain sexual references; books, magazines or graphic novels that describe sexual activity, and lewd or vulgar jokes and discussions.

No self-gratification is allowed either, no matter how silly that might sound to the more secularly trained person, but as Abba explained it to me once, it was tantamount to a homosexual experience with yourself, not to mention self-indulgent in the extreme.  Curiosity about the human body as it matures is to be expected,  and should be explained frankly prior to coming of age sexually in order to avoid problems in that area, for it is easier to not begin than it is to stop once you have begun.

Homosexuality and masturbation are not approved of by YHVH, partially because these indulgences are designed by the Adversary to prevent a normal family relationship from developing in the life of the affected individual.  These activities are to be avoided merely to remain in control of one’s own body, which if you have given it to Yeshua, is not yours anymore, and must be treated as the Temple of G-d it has become.  Your body is holy unto Adonai, and is to be treated so, and so is that of the person you wish to be close to emotionally, and one day marry.

No exceptions, no excuses, and no adultery.  And if you have already blown it, as most of us in this very worldly place we are living in these days have, particularly if you were not raised in a Believing household as I was not, ask G-d for forgiveness, and ask him to help you rein in what is obviously out of control.  The more you avoid exposure to inflammatory material in pictures, words, and imagination, the better off you will be.

And if you question the seeming oddity of a life without sexual gratification when unmarried, as if it were merely food that you eat rather than a set of actions designed for the procreation of the human race, and for bonding with your spouse, you will know that you have been raised in a hedonistic secular society.  Our current society is openly stating that your sensual appetites are to be satisfied just as if you are scratching an itch.  However, not being an animal, you are supposed to acquire self-discipline as you grow in your faith, if only to prevent harm to yourself and to others.

Is living a life holy unto G-d…separated unto Yeshua easy in this way?  Oddly, once you get past the idea that you are supposed to be self-indulgent in this area, you will find it a relief to not be always wondering what you must give to others for simple human kindness, or in the first flush of attraction to a stranger.  Free and easy sexual experiences may appear to be expected of you in this secular world, but you do not need to comply, nor satisfy the prurient expectations of the secular world.

You are not secular…you are a child of the Most High G-d.